I wrote this letter to my unborn daughter a little over a year ago – I had finally decided to say goodbye, and resigned myself to the fact that she really wasn’t coming earthside. Little did I know that just three months later I would pee on a stick and find out I was miraculously naturally pregnant, (even after 7 failed IVFs & 2 failed surrogacy attempts and 2 near death experiences with fertility surgeries gone wrong). I still just can’t believe she is really here, her chubby cheeks and gummy grins, thigh rolls and tiny toes, she is REAL, and she is in my arms after 7 years of heartbreak and pain. This journey has taught me that you never know when the biggest…


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what is going on with me personally these days so I thought I would jump on here and give an update. I’ve told a few people, but for those who want to know, here it is. Disclaimer: I really hope that the guys who click in and read this stuff have dropped off by now, like, seriously, scroll on past dudes. I’m going to take a deep dive into women’s health issues in this post, and probably more and more so in future post because, duh, I am “The Fertility Advocate” and I talk about this stuff all day every day in my work. So if this stuff isn’t your jam, all good! Just consider yourself warned!…


I just got back on the mat and if felt AMAZING. I know Instagram photos may seem to tell a different story, but these last few months, (I guess year, actually), have been super challenging for myself and my family. One big reason is that I have undergone two unexpected surgeries within the span of  four months time. When I look back through my pictures I see how flowing maxi dresses can easily cover the scars and swelling. No one would know, unless I shared of course. I think it’s important to share because it could help others who may end up on a similar journey. (more…)


If you are having trouble achieving pregnancy, one of the first things an alternative doctor, such as a naturopathic doctor or fertility acupuncturist, will ask you to do is to alter your diet to cut out gluten and dairy, and up your intake of dark, leafy greens. I know there is a lot of “eye-rolling” out there when it comes to claiming that you can’t eat gluten, but the truth of it is, gluten is very inflammatory in the body, and even if you don’t have celiac disease, you may have a predisposition toward auto-immune diseases already present in your body manifested in your genes. And eating gluten + autoimmune disease is NOT a good combination. (more…)