This is Megan Edgecumbe


FOUNDER, of Your Fertility Advocate, a surrogacy agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York, serving parents-to-be and surrogate mothers nationwide.
MOTHER, after years of infertility struggles.
WARRIOR, never giving up on that happy ending for herself or her clients.

I never thought the journey to have children could be such a difficult one.

It seems so easy for most people, but for some of us, growing our family is one of the most emotional, time consuming, and expensive endeavors we will ever have to endure.

Even though it’s been an incredibly painful journey for my husband and I, I can already see the unexpected blessings from it. We have learned and grown so much in the areas of health & wellness, and emotional maturity in marriage, definitely as a result of having to weather those hard times!

I have also found my life’s passion in helping others grow their families through the gift of surrogacy. Surrogacy, to me, represents a beautiful and unique way to grow your family biologically, a win/win for all parties involved!

This blog is an outlet to share my journey with you because, A.) It’s cathartic to not have to always hold the hard stuff in, and B.) I feel like I have learned SO much about dealing with infertility, and healing your body naturally through lifestyle modifications, that I want to shout it from the rooftops in case it helps others not waste the same time I did in their efforts to grow their family.

If you are scratching your head and wondering about where that little blonde boy popping up in my pictures came from, well, he was a gift from God, and IVF, which I was incredibly fortunate to carry and birth myself. Baby number two, well, how they come to be is still one of God’s great mysteries…

So join me on this adventure, let’s support each other in our journeys as we see what beautiful story is around the corner for each of us.

Much Love,